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PDFSpark is only available for Mac.
You may still download it but the .dmg file will only work on Mac.

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All-In-One PDF Manager

View PDF Files

Don't settle for an inferior solution when you need to read a document! PDFSpark is capable of opening and showing PDF files instantly, and it makes the best use of your screen, so that you may read the entire page, from top to bottom, without having to scroll all the time. Furthermore, the efficient layout of the user interface and its highly responsive controls allow you to sift through a document's pages with great comfort and elegance.


Convert to Multiple Formats

Need to edit a document or use it on another platform? PDFSpark lets you convert them between all popular format at a moment's notice. Just tell it what file to convert, where to store it and in what format and PDFSpark will take it from there. Even if you don't have any experience with computers, you will be able to make sense of the file conversion panel in no time and start converting documents without any effort.

Add Notes and Comments

You can add notes and your personal comments directly on a PDF's pages so that you will know what each paragraph is about or if something requires your attention, whenever you revisit the document. It's just like writing and placing post-it notes in a textbook when studying for an exam. What's more, PDFSpark lets you apply different colors on your annotations and make them transparent, if you don't want them to stand out too much.


Customize the Interface

PDFSpark lets you choose what options should appear on its user interface. If you know you won't use the cropping option or the shape tools, you can remove them from the user interface's toolbar, to make room for something that you may actually use, such as the annotation tools or favorite color selector. You only need to drag the components from a small panel and drop them directly over the toolbar.